Music to my ears

ImageEvery so often I need to call my wife while she’s at work. My heart leaps when I hear her voice as she answers the phone on behalf of the company she works for. It’s like the sweetest melody I could hear at that moment.

There have been many instances that I’ve called a friend’s home and one of their children answers the phone. Often times, I have to ask who I’m speaking with because I’m not familiar with their voice (especially as they age). The voices we’re most familiar with are the voices we hear on a regular basis. Most of us recognize the voice of our parents instantaneously.

Hearing God’s voice is like that. The Scriptures give us the first clue of what His voice sounds like. Then as we pray, we come to know His voice even better. He has a direction for your day (and your life) that is always best to follow. Some of the things He asks us to do are opposed to our natural inclination. Loving our enemy is one example. Forgiving those who offend us is another.

What is He calling us to do today?

John 10:27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

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