The more the merrier

ImageThere was a time when I used to play guitar and sing as a solo performer at various restaurants in the area. It was easier to find work, choose songs and setup the equipment but, I also had no fellowship, no harmonies, no rhythm section and no easy way to use the saxophone (solo saxophone might be good for a brief moment but is pretty awkward otherwise).

Being alone has its merits but, being together is better. Last night we had a Bible study with a group of young men where the conversation, insight and encouragement were invigorating. It really only takes one other person for me to experience exponential growth. This is also true when it comes to eating, working and playing.

While the Trinity is a mystery to us now, it is also a model of unity that we were born to experience as well. The church is referred to as a body with many parts that need each other. While the Sunday morning experience is often criticized, I wonder if our attitude towards it would change if we went with the intention of being with people and loving them (and the LORD). The Hallelujah chorus would sound pretty lame without a large number of voices singing it together. Sing with me.

Psalm 95:1 Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord;
let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.

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