A rich harvest

Garden tomatoes might just be one of my favorite foods. The first crop I remember tasting came from an Italian’s backyard and I don’t believe we were supposed to be enjoying that fruit. I remember us having a tin of salt and eating this treasure secretly. How vague your memory can be when you were guilty in the scene you’re recalling.

My Uncle Wayne was an expert at gardening. He was well studied in the art and diligent with his plot of land. The vegetables from that garden were amazing. He would show me his progress whenever I visited him and taught me some of what he would do to produce such a beautiful harvest. He planted well.

God is not mocked, you reap what you sow. A life invested in right living produces incredible returns. Your time of prayer and fellowship with the LORD are like seeds planted that will become fruitful beyond your understanding. Your love towards others does not go unnoticed and is an eternal investment.

Conversely, the world is filled with examples of people who have suffered the consequences of careless thoughts and actions. Chances are, you’ve experienced this truth for yourself. Today is a new today filled with wonderful possibilities. Make wise investments.

Proverbs 14:14 You harvest what you plant,
whether good or bad.

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