How am I doing?

My attitude towards report cards varied over the years. I’d look forward to receiving them when I thought things were going well and would dread their arrival when I knew I was doing poorly. For the most part, they were a pretty accurate picture of how I was doing academically.

Performance in the social arena wasn’t as easy to predict. For example, it was really difficult for me to ask a girl on a date. I had no idea what the answer might be and as a result didn’t ask too often. What a relief it was to have my wife, Ibel, as one of my best friends before asking her out. I knew we’d still be friends even if she said no to my request to date. The rest is history.

It seems strange that a religious leader would ask Jesus what it would take to have eternal life with God. You’d assume from his position that he had done everything he needed to have eternal life, yet, he wanted to be sure.

Last night, I was feeling anxious and down. I wondered how I could dare to get up this morning and write something that would encourage you when I clearly didn’t have my act together. I wanted to quit. Then I remembered to pray because I knew that my anxiety and depression were a symptom of a broken relationship with my God. Only Jesus makes my relationship with God right. There would be no assurance of eternal life without the death and resurrection of Jesus. Thank God for His rescue plan.

Luke 18: Once a religious leader asked Jesus this question: “Good Teacher, what should I do to inherit eternal life?”

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