Course correction

The first musical instrument I learned to play was the clarinet. I didn’t want to play the clarinet but, all of the trumpets were already assigned. Then, I learned saxophone and guitar. There was always a piano in the house but, I had not learned to play much beyond “Lean on Me” and “Chopsticks” (along with mostly everyone else I knew in my generation).

Some time in my late teens the band I was in went and purchased a Fender Rhodes for me to play. I took it upon myself to learn to play without instruction. Everything seemed fine until one day when my father noticed that I didn’t use my thumbs when I played. I didn’t have a good explanation for him then but, have wondered if because the clarinet, saxophone and guitar have very little use for thumbs (except to hold the instrument or guitar pick), that these appendages of mine were musically illiterate. While I’m not the greatest keyboardist today, I’m a little better now because I’ve learned to use my thumbs. 🙂

Many of us choose to teach ourselves the ways of God and put a ceiling on knowing Him. When we walk humbly with Him we come to understand that there is always more to learn. Stubbornness and rebellion are paths to our ruin. The Scriptures are a source of instruction and encouragement. Become a life-long student.

Proverbs 13:18 All who refuse correction
will be poor and disgraced;
all who accept correction
will be praised.

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