There were some things I remember my father being pretty certain about. Duracell batteries were the best. Ford cars are not reliable. Miller beer gives you a headache. Elvis Presley couldn’t sing. As far as Dad was concerned, these were truths born out of his experience. Some of his opinions shaped my own.

I worked at Duracell and learned that while all batteries weren’t identical, the device you use the battery in can determine how well it will perform. I never owned a Ford so, I have no opinion there. Miller beer did give me a headache and so did many others. And Elvis, well I choose not to say what I think there. 🙂

While we may be opinionated about a lot of things, God is more interested in where your heart is than anything else. This one truth has changed my way of looking at things. I am more interested in pleasing Him than winning an argument.

God is always right. He is always just and true. He has offered you His life and His heart. Put down that gun.

Proverbs 21:2 People may be right in their own eyes,
but the Lord examines their heart.

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