My decision

Every morning when I read the Scriptures I have to decide whether I believe the LORD. At one point in my life I had to decide whether I believed Jesus was born of a virgin, that He turned water to wine, that the blind, leprous and lame healed, that He walk on water, that 5,000+ fed with a few loaves and fish, that His death the payment for the sins of the world, that He rose from the dead and that He will return in the clouds (to name a few).

I decided to believe and was made right with God by my faith. Then I learned that faith without works is dead. My faith is expressed daily in how I trust God with every circumstance and interaction. His love poured out through me will always be the best testimony of my faith. The peace He gives is one of the testimonies of His life in me.

Genesis 15:6
Abram believed the Lord. The Lord accepted Abram because he believed. So his faith made him right with the Lord.

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