Sort it out

ImageOur spare change would end up in a large jar at the end of each day. When the time was ripe, we’d go to the bank and get coin wrappers to cash our treasure in with (before the days of the counting machine). I remember spilling out all of the change on the floor and separating the pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters. Then, we’d group them in clusters of five or ten and begin to fill the wrappers. What a sense of accomplishment we’d have when those coins were turned into bills.

At some point in our lives we begin to sort out what kind of life we’re going to pursue. With that picture in mind we find the people, education and experiences we’ll need to achieve our goal. Communities of artists, athletes, financiers, business folk and hobbyists form. Schools specializing in various disciplines are developed. Events crop up for us to attend.

People who recognize they’re made in the image of God and owe Him their very lives follow a high calling. His “picture and title” are stamped on them. When we’re perplexed with what path to take we follow His advice to acknowledge Him in all of our ways. Our ways will dictate our paths. Choose well today.

Luke 20:24-25 “Show me a Roman coin. Whose picture and title are stamped on it?”

“Caesar’s,” they replied.

“Well then,” he said, “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.”

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