What Ails You?

ailingA couple of weeks ago a splinter found its way into my left heel.  We tried to extricate the intruder but, couldn’t seem to pull it out.  So, I tried a few solutions to try and draw it out but it only ended up more embedded as time went on.  I started favoring that foot to avoid the discomfort and ended up with ankle and knee issues as a result.  So, I went to Urgent Care yesterday and had it “surgically” removed.

As you can imagine, I found a spiritual principle in all of this.  Those character defects of ours that we try to manage seem insignificant at first but over time can become embedded into our way of life and cause discomfort for others in our community.  We suffer AND they suffer.  Admitting (confessing) the problem and going to the only One that can remedy it is often avoided until “the pain of the same becomes greater than the pain of change”.

Our reluctance to be honest with God about our own shortcomings only prolongs the agony and often results in a chronic issue.  At one point someone said to me, “you better take care of that or you’ll end up with gangrene”.  I thought that was extreme but, you get the point.  Things only get uglier with time if they’re not dealt with.

The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross is the only efficacious solution for our disease of sin.  Anything else is a band aid on a mortal wound.  God has done for us what we cannot do for ourselves.  He loves us and understands us better than anyone could.  See the Great Physician for what ails you.

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