Me, a priest?

Did you know that those who believe in Jesus are a royal priesthood? That’s a pretty high calling, isn’t it?

One of things that strikes me about this is the mindset that a priest should have. One of connecting folks to God and blessing them as a representative of God. Again, a high calling.

This verse from the Old Testament also gets me thinking of what we see as our treasure or reward. What does it mean to have God as our share and our allotment? There’s a worship song we used to sing that said, “All of You is more than enough for all of me.”

That longing we have in our hearts that we try to fill with so many things can only be satisfied by Him. Be a blessing today and be blessed.

Numbers 18:20 And the Lord said to Aaron, “You priests will receive no allotment of land or share of property among the people of Israel. I am your share and your allotment.

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