Keeping busy

My father asked me to go to work with him in the summer during my teenage years. He installed storm windows and doors, screened porches and tub enclosures. I really enjoyed working side by side with him. It was a great way to get to know him better and to be productive with my time.

I’ve been guilty of being a workaholic as an adult though. A lot of time with my family was forfeited over the years. That was then and this is today. I do all I can to invite my adult children to spend time with me. Many times they’ve worked right along side of me like I did with my Dad.

In the gospel of John and the 5th chapter Jesus spoke of His working relationship with His Father. He took direction from God His entire time on earth as the Son of Man. Whatever He saw His Father doing He did as well (read John 5:19-30).

We each have a “mission from God”. It’s unique to who you are and is very much like the work the Father is doing. This is the place of significance and honor. Ask your Father what needs to be done. Just do it.

John5:17 But Jesus said, “My Father has never stopped working, and that is why I keep on working.”

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