A gentle whisper

ImageMany voices have called out to me over the years. Some were voices of fashion that drove many of us to buy the latest shoe, sneaker, haircut, and clothing (I’m guessing you’ve seen some of those photos  on Facebook, ugh). There was what seemed to be the call of the wild that insisted we do some pretty outrageous (and risky) things. I actually thought I’d gain acceptance from people by dressing a certain way and doing things my parents (who loved me) wouldn’t approve of.

Today we can hear opposing views on just about any issue. Most of the time we’ll draw near to the voices we agree with and away from those that we see as foolish. Life can be a noisy place.

With all of that chatter in the air, we would do well to find a quiet place to hear the gentle whisper of God. It may take longer than you’re flesh is comfortable with but, He will speak peace to His faithful people. There is no one that loves you more than Him. He longs to have your heart knit with His. He will direct your paths if you’d slow down enough to listen to His voice. Take some time to hear from Him.

Psalm 85:8 I will listen to what God the Lord says;
he promises peace to his people, his faithful servants—
but let them not turn to folly.

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