Reading the Bible – yesterday and today

I remember when I first started reading the Bible. Some of it baffled me. Other parts inspired me. Yet, others troubled me.

Then a friend challenged me to give my whole life over to Him and to receive His forgiveness through the blood of Jesus for all I had done against Him and others. I took the challenge and immediately my reading of the Scriptures was illuminated. The Holy Spirit had taken residence in me and showed me what I couldn’t see before.

I knew then and am convinced even more today that I need a Savior. God didn’t leave me floundering in my need. He provided His very life in me that gives me hope for now and eternity. His offer of forgiveness and restoration stands for all people today.

Romans 5:20-21 God’s law was given so that all people could see how sinful they were. But as people sinned more and more, God’s wonderful grace became more abundant. So just as sin ruled over all people and brought them to death, now God’s wonderful grace rules instead, giving us right standing with God and resulting in eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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