Once (or twice) in a lifetime

Icaesarean 2011, Ibel and I were given the opportunity of a lifetime to visit Israel with a group of ministers and their wives.  This photo is of the cost overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  We’ll be in this exact location again this Wednesday as we begin another tour of this amazing nation.

The first time around I wasn’t too good at living in the moment as running our small business has been a consuming experience.  I was distracted each night checking my email.  It wasn’t pretty.  It reminds me of the many times I would be driving to a project totally missing the glory of the day because of my work.

So, this time I get a second chance to get it right.  I’ve cleared the decks with the business and new full-time job I’m holding down with Nyack College.  Each of us has the opportunity to lead a devotional at the location of our choice.  I’ve chosen to speak at Mt. Carmel and Ein Gedi.  This will help me to focus on where I am and hopefully bless the people that are joining me on the trip.

Have you ever missed what was right in front of you because your heart was in another place?  It’s time to live the life we have been given right where we are.  Who knows, I might just post a few notes while I’m there.

Your prayers for our time there are much appreciated.


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