Back to the basics

Isaiah30Sometimes I wonder how I lose momentum in the things that are important to me.  Writing here has been a great way to expand who I am and hopefully benefit those that read what I write.  At least, that’s my intention is to bless you as you read this. I have to wonder how I’ve taken such a long time to return to writing here.

So, I’m thinking that with all that is going on in our lives, we should listen to what the LORD says here, “In repentance and rest is your salvation.  In quietness and trust is your strength”. Isaiah 30:15

It’s when we stop and take a look at what we’re focusing on, to reflect on our lives that we find out which way our lives are pointing.  For me as a Christian, I want to be pointed towards God.  I need to repent – turn my thinking around – and rest if I want to be be saved from the tyranny of self-centeredness.

It’s when I quiet myself and trust the One who loves me immeasurably that I receive strength from Him.

The next line of that passage is disquieting though, “But you were not willing.”  While there may be a centuries old debate on Free Will and Predestination, it seems pretty obvious to me that I have to be willing to worship, pray, love, be generous . . . . before I’ll ever do them.  In the same way, we need to be willing to repent, rest, be quiet and trust the LORD to know His salvation and strength.  Amen?


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