Treasure hunting

Any coin I found while walking as a kid would make my day. Every so often I’d spot a dollar bill. One day I even found a five dollar bill and was beside myself with joy. I remember scanning the ground around me everywhere I went after that in hopes of landing another treasure.

I heard somewhere that our very first thoughts and actions when we wake up reveal what’s important to us. It’s embarrassing to admit that since owning a Blackberry and now a smart phone that I’d often look at my e-mail before doing anything else. What was I looking for?

I’ve since realized that the most important direction my thoughts should take in the morning are upward towards my Father in heaven. This can be a real struggle for me some days and comes a bit easier at other times. In any case, it’s habitual now.

Jesus would get up very early to pray. It appeared He longed for fellowship with His father. In the gospel of Luke it says that all the people would get up early to hear Jesus in the temple. What was it about Him that was so attractive?

Luke 21:38 And all the people would get up early in the morning to come to Him in the temple to listen to Him.


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